Hurricane Inside

“Rockstar” touches you to the core. It starts with infinite sorrow, guilt and emptiness. It starts with a desperate feeling of missing and sadness. It starts with human nature at its hopeless peak. What comes after it’s like a shot of the most painful, but healing drug.

Maybe I’m just being subjective. Maybe I’ve longed so much for this book and fell in love with it since I first saw the cover, with its Slytherin accents. Maybe I just felt it will be a big part of me. Still..’s way more than that. Cristina, with her amazing writing, creates something perfect. Beyond perfect. She describes Storm’s emotions with such rawness and passion. You feel death’s glare, you live the desolation that comes with it. You wanna jump into the book, grab the character and hold him. Just hold him, without saying anything.

Storm is more than meets the eye. Though he seems everything you’ve ever wanted to be and more, young&talented, raging and giving his soul on the stage, his masks cracks little by little, showing a more damaged side of his. Though he has a family who loves him, an amazing girlfriend, a supportive therapist and many, many groupies (basically, people who can help him grow), he holds a battle with his own demons, which can be won only by himself and no one else.

Does he manage to conquer his demons? Well, that’s  up to you to find out. Order the book, read it and let it sink in. Then read it again, cry and thank to the gods, Satan, or whatveer you believe in that Cristina exists. Come to Bookfest on Sat and hug her tightly. Very, very tightly.

I cannot have a conclusion to this review. There are too many feels. Just..

“Be true to yourself and remember to laugh each day
It’s all that really matters.”




Order from here and see you at Bookfest on Saturday at 2 pm 🙂



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